Voyage Paths + Duties

Examples of various duties while adhering to and complying with policies, U.S. Coast Guard, and environmental regulations:


  • Assist in maintaining tow by using various tools/equipment such as wrenches, ratchets, shackles, chain straps, and wires/cables
  • Handle lines and rigging during tow building, locking, and docking activities
  • Assist with stocking and delivery of various supplies to and from the vessel
  • Assist in daily and periodic tasks such as trash removal, changing oil, mopping, scraping, sanding, and painting
  • Move and stack sets of hoses, pumps, and rigging throughout the vessels and barges

Able Body Seaman

  • Adjusts mooring lines
  • Operates and maintains valves
  • Performs necessary routine maintenance, repairs, and handles ship’s business under the direction of the Mate
  • Operates mechanical winches
  • Prepares for trip and load cargo
  • Stands watch while vessel is underway
  • Maintains the cleanliness of the vessel


  • Maintaining, cleaning, and operating ship engine parts
  • Assist with loading cargo
  • Maintain boat safety
  • Loads and unloads cargo


  • Cleans engine room
  • Performs general maintenance of engine department
  • Participates in the watch team
  • Assists in various tasks with Able body Seaman

Qualified Member of Engine Department

  • Monitors engines, boilers, deck machinery, electrical, hydraulic, refrigeration and sanitary systems
  • Inspects equipment such as turbines, pumps, condensers, distilling plants
  • Assists in maintenance of equipment such as generators, steering systems, sewage disposal systems, life boats
  • Cleans and restores tools and equipment
  • Stands watch designated by Chief Engineer

Assistant Engineer

  • Ensures proper operation and maintenance of all mechanical equipment on the vessel
  • Safely operate and efficiently maintain the vessel machinery
  • Maintains proper maintenance reports and logs for engineering or electrical systems
  • Stands engine room watches at sea or in port

Steward Assistant

  • Stocking, cleaning, and assisting with preparation and serving of meals
  • Assists by removing food, linen and utensils
  • Assists in taking inventory of kitchen items
  • Responsible for ships linens for kitchen and issuing them to crew members

Assistant Cook

  • Assist in preparing, cooking, and serving food to passengers and crew
  • Assist the chief cook in planning and organizing meals and menus
  • Maintains the presentation aspect of the meals and menus

Chief Galley Cook

  • Overall responsibility of the galley as a whole
  • Prepares menus
  • Purchases food and items for kitchen
  • Assign duties to other professionals working in the galley
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