How the Alaska Marine Apprenticeship Program Works (AMAP)

  • Interested individuals apply to the apprenticeship program and submit required documentation.
  • Qualified applicants will be placed on a ranking list, based on their interest and qualifications.
  • Employers interview and select apprentice(s)*.
  • Apprentice attends training at AVTEC in Seward and is placed on the boats when training is successfully completed.

*Employers have the option of having a direct entry into the program for current employees, technical school graduates, pre-apprenticeship, and military veterans.

Voyage Paths

Calista Corporation has created a multi-employer, 3-tiered apprenticeship program with different pathways for apprentices to grow: Deck side, Engine Room, and Galley/Kitchen. Each tier allows the apprentice to grow into the next tier as they gain certifications and sea time.


Click here to download the Alaska Maritime Apprenticeship Application


To complete your application process,
You will need to submit the following documents along with your application,

  1. A statement describing:
    • Why you want to participate in the Alaska Maritime Apprenticeship Program,
    • Your skills and experiences you have working in the maritime industry, including current sea time,
    • Yourself to us: hobbies, interests, etc. you’re involved in, and anything else you would like us to know about you.
  2. High school or college transcripts, or trade school and/or training certifications.
  3. If you are prior military, provide a copy of your DD-214 long form. Provide information about your discharge if it was anything other than honorable.

Submit your complete application and all attachments via email, fax, mail, or deliver to:

The Alaska Maritime Apprenticeship Program
Attn: Jacqueline Garcia, Administrator
5015 Business Park Blvd, Suite 3000
Anchorage, AK 99503
Fax: (907) 275-2927

Admission Requirements

Apprentices have 2 apprenticeship tracks to choose from, Traditional or Subsistence. To meet the subsistence needs of the Alaskan lifestyle, apprentices may have the option of taking time off to provide and prepare for their families. This option will need to be agreed upon by both the employer and apprentice prior to starting the apprenticeship.

Option 1 – Traditional

  • Classroom
  • Sea Service
  • Alternating

Option 2 – Subsistence

  • Classroom
  • Sea Service
  • Subsistence*
  • Alternating

*Subsistence time will need to be agreed upon by both apprentice and employer prior to starting the apprenticeship program.

Voyage Path 1

  1. Pre-Apprenticeship: Deckhand
  2. Apprenticeship: Able Body Seaman
  3. Journeyman: Mate

Voyage Path 2

  1. Pre-Apprenticeship: Wiper
  2. Apprenticeship: QMED (Qualified Member of Engine Department)
  3. Journeyman: Assistant Engineer*

Once apprentice reaches Tier 3 in Voyage Path 2, the apprentice may choose either Designated Duty Engineer (Limited License) or Third Engineer (Unlimited License).

Voyage Path 3

  1. Pre-Apprenticeship: Steward Assistant
  2. Apprenticeship: Assistant Cook
  3. Journeyman: Chief Gallery Cook
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